DH Project 1b

So, having gathered King’s Duma Key cornucopia of digital and print materials (including audio CD and audible files), it is time to decide what exactly to do with it.
First things first, what CAN be done? I WANT to make a holographic hand which is wrapped in the text and can be used to access the digital content at its, um, fingertips. Lacking the equipment and time to do so, I am at a crossroads.

Limitless options abound, but let’s look at a few within reach.
1- I continue to catalog every mention of Duma Key
2- I continue to catalog everything Stephen King
3- I move from this author to another best seller or contemporary writer
4- I move to the cataloging of digitally bridged books
5- I move onto something else entirely (art? language use? something tweet? the impact of facebook on teens and tweens?)

In order to move forward, I think I need to see what is out there in the few options listed above
I cannot help but wonder, do I really have to parse code to be a digital humanist? I have programmed in Apple Basic and performed some serious hacks with Norton and built an amazing POS with Lotus for a hotel I once worked at. However, my days of parsing code are nil. This is why I did not double major as I had originally intended in Linguistics and English back at UCLA. It’s not that I can’t- catching up would simply take so much of my time that I cannot devote to learning it again.
So, next step?
I have a feeling it will have something to do with literature. Just a hunch. This girl loves the printed word. Eek, the digital word.



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